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Hi! I'm Jessica Ellis, owner of Freedom Acres Kennels.  I have been involved in animal care and training for many years.  I have worked as a veterinary assistant for 10 years and have experience in training/behavior modification.  Previous to my veterinary career I was an EMT/medic in the U.S. Army, deploying twice in support of Operation Iraqi and Enduring Freedom.  I also have experience in protection dog training.  I love caring for all different sizes and personalities of dogs that come to Freedom Acres!  In my spare time, I love to be outside with my kids and dogs enjoying our farm and hiking in ​the Pacific Northwest!  I am truly blessed to be able to do what I love for a living.

    Freedom Acres Kennels developed out of a goal to care for my family and pets in a more self sufficient, home based manner.  Realizing I had a great deal of experience in the dog training and veterinary industries, this business idea grew out of a passion to create a better space to care for dogs than what is currently available.  In creating Freedom Acres, I took a different approach to the way I kennel dogs for clients.  I believe that each dog has individual personalities and needs and that owners should be able to customize their pets stay in order to maximize their comfort.  I believe in delivering this kind of care because it's what I would want for my own dogs!

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